I Love Flowers

I Love Flowers

Saturday, May 19, 2012

To My Beloved Ayah :)

Dear Ayah,

Assalamualaikum ayah ! How's life in the after life? It must be grand for someone so special like u..How's life here on earth u asked?? Oh,nothing unusual..Bloody wars,cheatings, corruption and everything that belongs to that category..I'm glad you're not here to witness all of these anymore.

Remember that time when u told me, ' Take good care of my adek2..,Okay?? 'Don't worry ayah. Mum, Firah and Safwan will take care of my adek2..and we hope they will grow up to be just like u. Not a tad different..Ayah dear,how I wish I can be there with fullfill your every request,to make sure you're ok..How I long to call u every single night to ask u if u wanted to eat dinner at home. Now our family dinner is not as merry as it used to be. Those were the happy days. Ayah, I want u to know that we still lead our lives as if you are still here. Your picture are still in the house now more than ever. Nobody can imagine the pain our family faced to lose someone so important, so full of life and so suddenly. The last four years we spent together was such a blast. Sadly, nobody knew it would be our last. Wutever it is , God picked the best place and timing for you to go.. Lucky guy u are..

Anyway,did u receive the prayers we sent to you through God?? We hope u enjoyed it. Well, ayah dear, I have to stop now, otherwise this letter would go on forever and I cannot afford to shed any more tears.. Don't forget us when you are with the beautiful angels up above because we surely will not forget you..We miss you soo damn much :((

If I die tonight,
You know it will be alright,
Just smile for me,
Reminise the fond memories..


Your Daughter, Safirah..